Live Streaming Setup Instructions

Last updated 4/20/2022

After reading through this documentation, if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for help (From the ScoreCam app, select Settings, scroll to the bottom and select Send Feedback/Bug Report).

Be patient and plan ahead. Don't make the mistake of trying to setup Live Streaming 10 minutes before a game or match.

Once a service is picked, and you have setup ScoreCam correctly, other issues may occur. The biggest issue will be stream quality. What you see from your home's WiFi network will not be the same as what you get from WiFi/cellular at tournaments or outdoor events, especially when competing against other users for bandwidth.

Be sure to check out the Live Streaming FAQ to help answer some common questions.



After you have picked a service to use for Live Streaming you must now create an account on that service.

Make sure your account supports Live Streaming and it is active. With YouTube, for example, while you may have an account, you must also activate Live Streaming and this step alone can take 24 hours for approval.

Free Service Accounts are not usually the best. As of this writing, Twitch is by far the best free service to use with ScoreCam. It used to be YouTube but, because of policy changes, that is no longer the case. I suspect this will eventually be true with Twtich so just be careful when using free services. Paid services will be much more reliable.


NOTE: If you believe all your live streaming settings are correct and ScoreCam appears to be connected but your live streaming page is showing "Offline", you may want to force close ScoreCam and try again.


Setting Up Services in ScoreCam

Once you have verifed Live Streaming is set up for your account, you can now begin the ScoreCam setup process. Here is some information about each option ScoreCam supports:

  1. YouTube Authentication

    => How to set up YouTube Live Authentication
    Allows you to log in from ScoreCam, create events, change privacy options and share your streaming link with users

  2. YouTube Streaming Now

    => How to set up YouTube Live Streaming Now
    Once properly configured, it's faster to start streaming games then using authentication

  3. Twitch

    => How to set up Twitch
    Easiest to setup plus has the best latency of all the services (based on our testing)

    Video: Setup Live Streaming with Twitch

  4. Periscope Producer

    => How to set up Periscope Producer
    Does not appear to support streaming in portrait

    Video: Setup Live Streaming with Periscope (NOTE: At 1:25 mark ScoreCam is rotated to Landscape before starting Live Stream)

  5. Dacast / Other

    => How to set up (TBD)
    Now available in version 4.0 and later.



  6. Facebook Live (Not officially supported)

    => How to set up
    Now available in version 3.6.0 and later.

    Video: Setup Live Streaming with Facebook Live (Beta. Video is out of date so see detailed instructions first)