YouTube Live Stream Now

Last updated January 7, 2021

Getting your RTMP credentials for YouTube Live Stream Now is fairly straight forward if you follow the instructions below. Instructions for getting and sharing your streaming link are also provided.

This document assumes you have a YouTube account and are logged into that account AND have Live Streaming enabled.


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How to set up up YouTube Live Stream Now in ScoreCam

First, make sure you have Live Streaming setup on your YouTube account. This can take 24-48 hours to be approved.

Once your Live Streaming account is setup you can go directly to your Live Stream Dashboard. This can take a few seconds to load. Also, make sure you are using the Desktop Version (if on iPhone, tap AA to change this setting)

Copy the Server URL and copy the Stream Key contents and paste into ScoreCam's Stream Link and Stream Key fields, respectively.

You are now ready to stream live but you may now need to do the following steps:

1) Using Safari, go to this page:

2) If on an iPhone, be sure to "Request Desktop Website" (tap AA to change this setting) and wait until it web page fully loads

3) Open ScoreCam and Start Live Streaming

Of course, if you have a second device, you can do the Safari steps from there and also verify streaming is working once started. (this will take about 30 seconds to show up due to latency in live streaming)


How do I share my the link to my live stream video using this method?

Due to YouTube changes, this information may be out of date

From the Live Stream Dashboardtap the "share" button in the top right (looks like an arrow)


How to embed for URL for a channel's Live Stream? (NOTE: This may not work in the future due to YouTube constantly changing things)

Here is the link to use to embed your live stream video onto a web page:

You can get your CHANNEL_ID from this link:

NOTE: Your stream must be public to be able to embed your live stream video