How do you connect a remote to ScoreCam?

2022-02-21 05:17

Before downloading both Scoreboard Remote and ScoreCam, make sure both devices meet the following requirements and support BTLE (Bluetooth Low energy or Bluetooth 4.0):

  • iPhone 4S or better
  • iPad 3rd Generation or iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch 5th generation or newer

In addition, verify bluetooth is enabled on both devices. Do this by going to your device's Setting app -> tap on "Bluetooth" -> then make sure it is enabled (turned on). For more information on Bluetooth, see: Connecting Bluetooth to a device

If both devices meet this criteria and bluetooth is enabled then, to connect, you do the following steps:

On the Scoreboard Remote device:

  1. Launch Scoreboard Remote
  2. Tap on "Tap to Connect to ScoreCam"

On the ScoreCam device:

  1. Launch ScoreCam
  2. Tap the bluetooth icon in upper left hand corner
  3. The Scoreboard Remote device will now show up in the list of the "Scanning for Remotes" screen
  4. Find and tap on the device you would like to connect with and your remote will be connected to your ScoreCam.                                                  

For more information, see link: Scoreboard Remote for ScoreCam 

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