Help, I can't find my videos that ScoreCam said were saved. They are nowhere to be found in the Photos app and I've looked everywhere.

2019-02-27 00:00

Verify that you are not using the "Save Videos Locally" option. If you are then your videos can be found by tapping the folders-looking icon (Library icon). From there you should be able to view your video files.

If it's not selected, again, tap the library icon and then tap "View Local Files" at bottom of that screen and you should then be able to view any files that did not save to the Photos library directly.

You can then "Select" those files and tap the Share icon at bottom left and then copy the files to the Photos library.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to turn OFF the "Save Videso Locally" option as these files will be lost if you ever delete the ScoreCam app.

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