For the Longboard II scoreboard, how do you change the FIRST SET value?

2019-05-05 17:38

The Longboard II scoreboard is a little different depending on if you have the "Game Type" field assigned to "Set" or not.

If the "Game Type" field is "SET" or "Set" then there is a section at the bottom of the Scoreboard Settings which allows you to change the number of sets won for each team.

For example, if the Set Score is 0-0, the scoreboard will read, "FIRST SET". If the Set Score is 1-0, the scoreboard will read, "TEAMXYZ LEADS 1-0". If it's then 1-1, the scoreboard will read, "MATCH TIED", and so on.

If the "Game Type" field is anything else, there will be the game type field in the middle of the two scores just like it is for other scoreboards.

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