My Bluetooth connection with my Scoreboard Remote on my iPhone SE is terminated every 15-20 seconds but used to work just fine a few months ago. How do I fix this?

2022-02-19 04:46

This issue may be due to other 3rd party bluetooth connections interfering with your connection to your device. On both devices, go to your devices Settings app -> tap on "Bluetooth" -> Devices -> then tap on the information icon (on the far right) of any devices you no longer use/do not know -> then tap on "Forget This Device" at the bottom of the page. 

Other suggestinos include:

  • Restart both devices 
  • On both devices: uninstill the app, restart the device, reinstall the app [NOTE: Make sure you have no videos in the "Recovered Videos" file as these will be gone once you delete the app. Additionally, all your settings will be reset]
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