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There are two types of Settings: ScoreCam App settings (described here) and Scoreboard Settings.


Launch the ScoreCam Store

Launches the store screen for ScoreCam where In-App Purchases and Subscriptions can be made. Restore previous purchases or subscriptions by tapping the Restore button.

TIP: To get a 1 week FREE trial to ScoreCam, with no limitations, you would subscribe to the monthly or yearly subscription choices. If you decide ScoreCam isn't for you can simply cancel your subscription within the 1 week time-frame.

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Show/hide the Scoreboard or launch the Scoreboard settings.

Show Scoreboard

Toggle to Hide or Show the Scoreboard.

TIP: You can also toggle the scoreboard from the main camera screen by tapping the recording timer label located on the center of the Top Bar.

Launch the Scoreboard Settings

Launches the Scoreboard settings screen.

TIP: You can also launch the Scoreboard settings by tapping and holding anywhere on the Scoreboard

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Live Streaming

Subscription purchase (or FREE Trial) required.

Enable Live Stream

Toggle to enable or disable (default) Live Streaming.

Live Streaming Setup

The place to set up Live Streaming. See Live Streaming Setup for more information.

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Scoreboard Remote

Scoreboard Remote is a companion app which allows you to control ScoreCam from a second iOS or iPadOS device.

Connect to Remote

When toggled on, the connection process is started to connect to Scoreboard Remote [link to App store]. A "Scanning for Remotes" screen is launched where you can select the device where Scoreboard Remote is running. When toggled OFF the Scoreboard Remote is disconnected.

TIP: You can start/stop the connection process by tapping the bluetooth icon from the main screen.

Hide Controls when Connected

When toggled OFF this will hide both the Top Bar and Side Bar controls when connected to the Scoreboard Remote.

TIP: Since access to the Settings (and this toggle) is also hidden, you will have to SWIPE RIGHT TO LEFT to show the controls. You can also SWIPE LEFT TO RIGHT to hide them again.

Get the Scoreboard Remote App!

Launches the App Store to download Scoreboard Remote for ScoreCam.

TIP: Quickly get back to ScoreCam by tapping the "◀ ScoreCam" label at the top-left of the screen.

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Video Camera

PRO level or Subscription purchase required.

Custom Settings

Toggle to enable or disable custom video output settings

The default settings (disable) use the Apple default video settings which is 1080p for most devices. High Efficiency format (HEVC, H.265) is available for supported devices running iOS 11 or higher (iPhone 7/7 Plus or newer. iPad Pro (10.5)/iPad Pro 12.9, 2nd generation or newer. High Efficiency format is not supported on iPod Touch, 6th generation or earlier).

Default settings are recommended as it optimizes battery consumption and CPU cycles.

Video Format

Available only for supported devices. Choose between High Efficiency (HEVC) or Most Compatible. HEVC, also know as H.265, allows for reduced file sizes for the same quality. Most Compatible uses H.264 and is best if you aren't part of the Apple ecosystem.

Video Resolution

Choices are 720p (30 or 60 fps), 1080p (30 or 60 fps), or 4K Video. NOTE: 4K Video requires HEVC format.

NOTE: If using Live Streaming, FPS must be the same as those used for you service. If they are different you will be prompted to pick which FPS setting to use.

Avg bitrate (Mbits/Sec)

Average amount of data transferred per unit of time. Change this value to increase or decrease the average bitrate. Average bitrate (ABR) is directly related to file size and quality. A higher bitrate requires more disk space but produces better quality (up to a certain point).

Video Size (approximate)

Not editable and for information use only. Changes when other Video Output settings are changed. Values are approximate and your video file sizes may vary. Only sure way to tell the size of the video file is to record and measure it.

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Camera Options

Show Stop Confirmation

Toggle to enable/disable the stop alert confirmation. When enabled and the Stop button is tapped an alert will be presented to confirm a stop.

Zoom UX (max value of 6)

Toggle to enable/disable three Zoom controls on main screen. For example, if Ultra Wide Camera is supported on the device, default buttons would read: 0.5x, 1.0x and 2.0x.

Zoom Buttons

Defines the amount of zoom to use for the three controls displayed on the main screen (active when Zoom UX is enabled).

Zoom Speed

Defines the speed which is used when the zoom controls are tapped on the main screen (active when Zoom UX is enabled). Higher is faster. Once a threshold is met (device specific), a faster zoom setting will not be noticeable.

Show Audio Control

Toggle to show or hide the Audio Control on the main screen. This control will allow you to mute/un-mute audio for Video recordings and Live Streaming.


Option to use different torch (LED flashlight) options. Choices are Off, On, Auto with Off being the default.

Video Stabilization (Recommended ON)

Toggles the device's video stabilization on or off. Defaults to On.

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Highlight Video Clips

PRO level or Subscription purchase required.

Capture separate video clips, such as great plays, during a recording.

Enable Highlights!

Toggle to enable or disable Highlights. See Highlights! for more information.

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Gesture Assignments

Configuration of gestures for the Top Button Control (aka Photo Button) and Two and Three-Finger taps on screen. Options are: Photo Capture, Highlights, Score Sharing and Branding.

Top Button Single Tap

Allows for configuration of the top control button tap action (defaults to the Photo Capture button).

Top Button Long Press

Allows for configuration for Long Press on the top control button tap action (defaults to Share Scores).

Screen Two Finger Tap

Allows for configuration of a two finger tap action on the main screen (defaults Highlights).

Screen Three Finger Tap

Allows for configuration of a three finger tap action on the main screen (defaults Toggle Brand Image 1 ).

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Other Options

Miscellaneous options for ScoreCam.

Score Sharing Setup

This PRO feature allows you to quickly share scores without leaving ScoreCam. Services supported are Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Mail or User Select, which brings up a list of choices specific to the device via the built-in sharing menu. For more information see the Score Sharing page.

Album Name

The name of the album where ScoreCam will put videos, clips and photos. If the album does not exist it will be created.

Sound Effects

Toggle to turn on camera sounds effects which will occur when Start/Resume, Pause, and Stop buttons are tapped.

Show Status Bar

Toggle to turn show the status bar (iPhone devices will only display the status bar in portrait).

Alternate Recording Mode

When enabled allows for a pause-free video to also be saved when Stopping a recording (tapping the Stop button). See Options below.

This mode is also used if your device is experiencing MovieWriter errors. If your device does not experience these errors, and you don't want to also save a pause-free version of the video, it is recommended that this mode be OFF due to the amount of time it takes to save when it is enabled (approximately 30 seconds for a 10 minute video).

WARNING: When using Alternate Recording Mode saving videos will take considerably longer to process

What causes MovieWriter errors? The cause of this issue, according to Apple, is a bug in their code and related to pausing and resuming the MovieWriter which is the mechanism used to write a movie to disk. While Apple acknowledges this error on certain devices, and due to the fact that this issue is intermittent, it's doubtful this bug will ever be fixed thus the reason to incorporate an alternative recoding option.

While the errors may not occur frequently (about once every three 20 minute recordings or even less in most cases), when they do occur they can be disrupting to your ScoreCam experience so Alternate Recording Mode may be your best choice.


Shown only when Alternate Recording Mode is ON. The following options are available:


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Information about ScoreCam as well as reviewing, contacting and sending feedback for ScoreCam support

Send Feedback/Bug Report

Launches screen to send an email to our support team. If submitting a bug report you must include the exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Please do not remove the 'Required information' section in this email as it will help to address your concerns and repeat any issues you have. At least one email account must be set up on your device for this to work as expected.

ScoreCam Help & Support

Launches the ScoreCam help pages in the default web browser.

Rate or Review in App Store

Will launch ScoreCam in the App Store to rate or review. Before posting negative reviews please reach out to us to so we can resolve your issue or concern.

Show Help Screens

Shows the initial help information that was viewable on the first launch of ScoreCam.

ScoreCam Version

Shows which version of ScoreCam you are running on your device.

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