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Ever see a great play and wish there was a way to instantly capture a highlight video clip? Now you can with one of ScoreCam's latest features called Highlights!

With Highlights! you can capture a highlight while recording or when paused (NOTE: If Live Streaming is enabled you must also enable Save Video While Streaming option)

There is no limit on the number of highlights you can capture but keep in mind that there is some added processing time once you tap the Stop button.

When recording stops, all highlights are saved (as well as your full-length video) to a user-specified album name (defaults to "ScoreCam Highlights" and can be changed from the Video Player Options, "Highlights Album Name" setting)

Enable Highlights

To activate Highlights!, go to Settings , "Enable Highlights!" and select your capture method and duration.

Capture Method

Allows you multiple options to capture a highlight clip during a recording:

Prompt for Duration

When enabled, brings up an overlay dialog which allows four different duration lengths to select from.

Last Pause (or a duration of '0' in the setting) will create a highlight clip from the last pause. If there are no pauses it will be a duration since the start of recording.

You don't need to rush selecting this duration as the start time of the video clip will be the time you tapped the Highlights button.

Duration (seconds)

Indicates the duration or video length of the highlight clip. Again, the start time will be the time you tapped the Highlights button.

Duration Choice #2-4

When Prompt for Duration is enabled, you have four highlight clip durations to customize. A duration of zero means the highlight clip duration is the time since last pause (or start)


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