How do I set up ScoreCam to use the Live Streaming Service Dacast?

2022-03-23 17:06

It's fairly simple, as far as Live Stream Setup goes. Here is a link to reference as well. (Perhaps someone can convince Dacast to post these instructions on their website :)

On Dacast:

  1. Get to the "Encoder Setup" Page. You should have something similar to this:

On ScoreCam:

  1. Go to: Settings > Live Steaming Setup > Add Account...
  2. Change Name to 'Dacast'
  3. Select 'Other Service' for Streaming Service Type
  4. For Stream Link, use Dacast's 'Server' field
  5. For Stream Key, use Dacast's 'Stream Key' field
  6. For Username, use Dacast's 'Username' field
  7. For Password, use Dacast's 'Password' field
  8. For Authentication Type, use 'Limelight' (llnw)
  9. Tap Done and then change the Selected Account to the new Dacast service


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