How do I disable the audio and still record video? Or remove the audio completely before sharing?

2022-02-21 04:57

You can remove audio before recording a video by going to ScoreCam Settings -> Camera Options -> Show Audio Control (enabled), then press done. After, tap on the microphone button (above the camera remote), this will disable/turn off the audio. Make sure there a line through the microphone.

You can also remove the audio from a saved video by going to your Photo library app -> tapping "Edit" at the top right of the video -> then tap the speaker icon on the top left of the page and make sure there is line through the speaker (this will turn off the audio), then press Done (at the bottom of the page). This means that the audio has been removed from your video. 

For more information on how to remove audio from video, see link: How to Remove Audio from Videos on iPhone 

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