For the Longboard II scoreboard, how do you change the FIRST SET value?

2022-02-21 05:06

On the ScoreCam app, make sure the "Game Type" setting is set to "SET" or if you want to change this value, follow these steps. Launch the Scoreboard Settings -> tap on "Team Names, Colors & More" -> tap on "Game Type" -> select "Set" or whatever other value you desire (i.e., Game, Half, Per, Qtr, etc.).

Then to change the set number of sets won by each team, launch Scoreboard Settings -> go to the bottom of the page that says "Set" (in the middle between two numbers) -> then increase of the value of the set number for whichever team, then press "Done." The Longboard II will then read "HOME LEADS 1-0," for example, on the far right of the scoreboard. 

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