How do I get the teams colors on the scoreboard to match the uniform colors of the teams (if I don't see their colors in the selections available on the app)? Or how do I create custom colors for the teams on the scoreboard?

2022-02-21 05:01

You can use any color by entering in a HTML HEX color code available at the bottom of the "colors" screen in Scoreboard Settings. Here is a good website where you can pick the color you like and then copy the HTML HEX color code needed to enter into ScoreCam: HTML Color Picker.

To ener the color code on ScoreCam launch Scoreboard Settings -> tap on "Team Names, Colors & More" -> then tap on which color you would like to change (Team 1 Color, Team 2 Color, Score Panels Color, Background Color, etc.) -> then enter in the color code at the bottom of the page. 

One day we will come up with a color 'picker' to make this easier, but for right now, this is the solution.

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