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2021-02-13 02:34

Here are a list of documentation links, hidden features, tips and tricks for ScoreCam and Scoreboard Remote. Please check back often as this page will be updated frequently.

Online Documentation for ScoreCam and Scoreboard Remote

  • Contact Support: From ScoreCam app, Settings > Send Feedback/Bug Report
  • Online Support and Help (might be missing some of the latest features)
  • This site: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • ScoreCam and Scoreboard Remote iTunes links (Check the descriptions and "Version History" for some hidden gems)
  • Help videos
  • Everything you need to know about Facebook

Did you know...

  • you can tap the Recording Timer Label to quickly hide or show the scoreboard?
  • to quickly get to the Scoreboard Settings area you simply Tap-and-hold on scoreboard?
  • that not all scoreboards are created equal and you can make modifications to customize elements by selecting '<none>' or other techniques? (see below for specific scoreboard tips and tricks)
  • there are help videos available? (See the ScoreCam Help Playlist for more information)
  • Family Sharing of subscriptions are now supported (Apple finally allowed this feature in iOS 14.1 in December 3, 2020)


Tips and Tricks

Longboard II scoreboard:

  • If you choose a 'Game Type' other than Set or Game, you can use this scoreboard for any sport, not just those with 'Sets'.
    • If you also choose '0' for the set number, that number will no longer be displayed and you can specify anything you like in that area.
  • If you choose '<none>' for 'Description', the top area of the scoreboard will not be displayed.

Soccerboard and Longboard (Clock) - coming soon:

  • Don't want to display the clock? Toggle it off from scoreboard settings under 'Team Names, Colors and more'
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