I have a question about streaming with ScoreCam. Can I still pause the recording? Also is the video quality that gets recorded the same as what gets streamed or is it the the quality that is in settings? I know streaming is less quality and I want to make sure I am recording the higher quality when I watch later.

2019-02-13 18:23

To answer the first question, YES, when you are Live Streaming AND you have "Save Video While Streaming" enabled you can pause the recording. (Live Stream will not be paused and will continue streaming until you stop recording/streaming).

The quality of what gets recorded is indeed the quality that is in the Settings (1080p by default). So if you have "Med (720p, 2.5Mbps)" set for Live Streaming, you are still recording the saved video at 1080p (or whatever you have set under the "Video Output (PRO)" settings.

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