Scoreboard Remote for ScoreCam

Scoreboard Remote allows you to connect, via bluetooth (BTLE), to another device running ScoreCam

Features include:


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The settings menu allows you to make changes to the scoreboard as well as customize features. Each setting is briefly described below.

Scoreboard Type

Select from one of five different designs. Depending on which scoreboard is being used on ScoreCam, the design may be automatically selected upon connection. For example, the Baseboard and Tennisboard will be chosen if the Baseboard II or Tennisboard on Scorecam is used.

Show Controls Area

Hide or show the video camera controls at the bottom of the screen.

Show Set Scores

Allows ScoreCam scoreboards which support set scores to be updated from the Scoreboard Remote (e.g., Longboard II or Flipboard II)

Show Status Bar

Show or hides the status bar on the remote device. Handy if you need to see the battery level, for example

Controls On Left (Landscape)

When the remote device is in landscape, this allows for the controls to be placed on the left side of the screen as opposed to the right, which is the default.

View Finder Image Resolution

View Finder allows you to see what's being recorded on the ScoreCam device. Choose from three resolutions: Low, Medium and High. Higher resolutions will take longer to transfer from ScoreCam. Older devices should use the Low resolution.

Show Zoom Button

Displays or hides the optional zoom button which allows you to zoom a specified amount via the Zoom Factor (max value of 4x). This button is only displayed when you are connected to ScoreCam and will replace the ScoreCam logo next to the status field area.

Get the ScoreCam App

When tapped, it opens up ScoreCam on the App Store.

Reset Game Scores, Swap Teams and Scores, Swap Teams, Scores and colors, Reset All Scores, Period & Clock

Does exactly what the titles indicate. Will automatically dismiss the settings view on tap.

Away Color, Home Color

Allows for scoreboard colors to be changed remotely.


Scoreboard Designs

Simpleboard Digiboard Flipboard


Baseboard Tennisboard